Welcome to Mahanay's Library!

Mrs. Nance

Mrs. Nance

Hello there, Mahanay stars! My name is Mrs. Nance and I am Mahanay Elementary's Librarian. I have been at Mahanay 19 years as a teacher, interventionist, and librarian.  I love that I get to share my love for reading with our campus.  I also get to teach students and teachers digital tools and resources. I love learning creative ways to share our knowledge with others.  Never stop learning!

Mrs. Sykes

Mrs. Sykes

Hello my Mahanay Stars!  My name is Mrs. Sykes and I am the Library Aide. I have been at Mahanay for 11 years now, and I love working with the students and teachers to get our students excited about reading books. I also get to assist students and teachers with technology tools and resources in the Library.  So students, let’s keep reading and learning new things.

Weekly Schedule

Students come to the library once a week with their classes.

  • Monday- Kindergarten

  • Tuesday- 4th Grade

  • Wednesday- 3rd Grade

  • Thursday- 1st Grade

  • Friday- 2nd Grade


Kindergarten and 1st get to bring home one book at the beginning of the year and move to two after consistently returning books.  

2nd Grade gets to bring home two books.  3rd and 4th get to bring home up to three books weekly. 

Please help your child remember to bring their books back with them so they can renew or choose new books.